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 Evergreen Ferrets

  Evergreen Ferrets started breeding ferrets because I, Mette Beltoft Lykkenshede, wanted to breed healthier and strong ferrets. My pet ferrets in the 1990s, often died of diseases that one must assume was hereditary, and therefore I got the idea that I would find ferrets with a good health statistics and even breed healthy individuals with pedigrees.
It came into action all by itself, as Daphne and Gimmers litter was born in 2001.
The litter was the beginning of my breeding and even to this day I can sit and think that if the two polecats had not had a litter at the time, then i probably didnt breed ferrets today. They woke my great passion; Breeding ferrets.

Nille is one of my first ferrets.
I got her as a puppy in 1997.

  My interest in ferrets has grown the longer I've had them. My Ferretry is Chr registered as Danish law requires, as I own more than 20 ferrets. When you're Chr registered, there are specific requirements for how your ferret to live and you are subject to inspection visits. This is to ensure that the animals have optimal living conditions and the animals are cared for properly. My Chr number is 031160.
All my ferrets live in my house and many I have the opportunity to use for breeding. But even if they are used for breeding, they are of course my pets. This means that all my breeding ferrets is tame and manageable, and accustomed to getting out of cages / runs each day.
Every year I select a few ferrets for further breeding and by next spring, I have formed me a good impression of the ferret and therefore know if its suitable for breeding. Before selecting a ferret for breeding purposes it must be declared healthy by my vet.

If you want more information about my ferretry and ferrets, then you are welcome to send me a mail. Pictures of the animals' environment can be found here Ilder bur. And there are some pictures of my ferrets in Ilder billeder (Photo Album).
I often participate in international exhibitions with my ferrets. The Shows my ferrets an I participate in is written in my Calender and show results can be seen here Ilder udstillings resultater (show results)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via mail or telephone. ( Kontakt - Evergreens ildere )

Mette Beltoft Lykkenshede